DevOps Offerings

Every company is facing critical challenges in delivering innovative features to the customers on a regular basis.

Disparate development and operation teams, manual deployment, manual integration, and manual testing processes are increasing the cycle time for software releases. Achala DevOps teams are working with various customers in implementing the DevOps solutions. Automation is the key in driving an organization towards Continuous Delivery

  • Automated Provisioning
  • Automated Builds
  • Automated Testing
  • Automated Deployments
  • Automated Monitoring

DevOps Offerings


Continuous Integration

(CI) is a software engineering practice in which an automated build compiles and optionally tests an app when code is added or changed by developers in the project's version control repository.

CI surfaces errors and problems immediately and ensures that all team members stay up to date with each other's work.


Continuous Testing

(CT) is the first step in the right direction when embarking on a DevOps journey. CT is a continuous feedback mechanism that drives software delivery through the Software Delivery Life Cycle process.

Automated feedback at each checkpoint is an auto-trigger for the next process in the delivery chain if the feedback is to move forward, or green.


Continuous Deployment

(CD) is a strategy for software releases wherein any commit that passes the automated testing phase is automatically released into the production. CD is relying upon real-time infrastructure and application monitoring tools to discover any problems that were not caught in the testing feedback loops before deployment.


Continuous Monitoring

CM) of applications in production environments is implemented with tools that intelligently monitor, analyze and manage cloud, on premise and hybrid applications and IT infrastructure. These solutions enable you to monitor your users’ experience and improve the stability of your application infrastructure.

Internet of Things (IoT) As-a-Service

Achala is helping enterprises to define strategy, design, implement and manage IoT solutions. Our offering is designed to bring the power of digital forces such as cloud, analytics, mobility and AI to the IoT solution. Our analytics algorithms that run on IoT data will provide the insights and dashboards needed to drive business benefits.

IoT offerings from Achala are geared to provide end-to-end solutions to the customer. Our key solutions are:

Smart Spaces

Solution to manage the reservation and utilization of your assets such as

  • Conference Rooms
  • Gym (with usability metrics of the equipment)
  • Library
  • Labs, etc

Smart Attendance Solution

The next generation digital identification system that provides seamless access and attendance for education sector at classrooms, events, food venues, parking and other campus services.

Business Transformation through Software BoTs

Achala combines deep banking process knowledge with custom robotics solutions for all areas in banking. Our extensive experience across industries including Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecom, and Automotive, Manufacturing. Our approach is to not just ‘utilize robots in processes’ but deliver true business transformation through robotics. We help clients maximize business efficacies and realize ‘real-world’ benefits through RPA strategy, assessment, and deployment. We have been working with leading firms across the globe helps deliver automation solutions to solve every business challenge.

Innovative solutions for your business processes automation

Our RPA services enable enterprises to accelerate performance, reduce manual activity and improve RoI through the application of intelligent process automation. Our end-to-end RPA services range from Process Analysis, RPA Vision & Strategy, Proof of Concept, Implementation, and 24x7 managed support.

RPA Vison & Strategy

RPA Vision & Strategy. Achala IT will work collaboratively with the customer to lay out the short term and long term RPA vision. We will bring in industry best methodologies to help the visioning exercise.

RPA Proof of Concept

RPA Proof of Concept. For each process we will work with you in building proof of concepts to understand the manual activities and impact of RPA on the process area.

Process Analysis

Re-engineer your business processes and operations through RPA proven strategy to implement automation-driven processes.

RPA Implementation

Implement RPA solutions with the right software tools for exceptional ROI & process automation.

RPA Managed Services

Our managed services are designed with flexibility in mind. Clients can tailor the service to their organizational needs, supporting all elements implemented during the delivery phase.

Automation Anywhere Partnership

Our Partnership with Automation Anywhere lead to successful Global RPA implementations. Collaboration will further enable us to implement RPA solutions and drive benefit to the customers

Our Focused RPA Solutions