Knowledge comes from Learning! In today’s dynamic and competitive business environment, knowledge about data will be a key success factor for companies far more than ever. However, this is a big challenge for the companies to gather insights from the data. Unless companies invest in having BI processes and systems in place, creating business plans with short, medium and longer-term strategies will not yield expected results.

Therefore, every company needs a clear set of goals and objectives to achieve the maximum benefits from its Business Intelligence (BI) teams. The BI teams within the company need to be enabled with appropriate software and IT systems that enable systematic analysis – i.e collection, evaluation and presentation – of data. Achala has varied experiences in using tools from both opensource and licensed software.

Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Warehousing (DWH)

Exponential growth of information in structured and unstructured formats has created many new challenges in information management. Information is often of poor quality or Information is not stored efficiently. Business struggle to gather insights to make high-impact strategic and operational decisions.

Our service portfolio addresses these challenges by offering services ranging from consulting and conception to maintenance and operation of IT systems. We have expertise in various enterprise BI and DWH tools such as SAP BI/BW, SAP BO, Qlikview, SAS, Oracle, Informatica, Cognos, Tableau.

Business Analytics

Enterprises in today’s world need data insights. Insights that can increase product adoption, customer stickiness, pricing strategies to stay ahead of competition and improve both the top-line and bottom-line of any business. Big data technologies such as Cassandra, Hadoop, Storm enable us to cope with high volumes, velocity and veracity of real time data. Once we understand how to handle such data, the bigger challenge is to mine the data and statistical tools such as SAS and R together with Python help in deriving the insights from the data. In addition to the data mining tools, our expertise across a wide range of visualization tools such as Qlikview, Tableau and Microsoft Power BI brings life to knowledge. These visualization tools can be used to build management dashboards.

SAP Enterprise Solutions & Business Intelligence

Over the past few years, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions have consistently remained among the top IT spending priorities in large corporations. ERP's endeavour is to handle the mission critical business processes of enterprises, spreading the value across the organization with tighter and logical integration among various departments.

SAP solutions and services from Achala are geared to address critical segments of the market. Key features of our service offerings are:

  • Proven methodology for offshoring Application Maintenance and Support (AMS)
  • Migration suite to enable SAP ERP to S/4 HANA migration
  • SAP BW Implementation & Support
  • SAP HANA optimizations
  • Big data/HANA enablement: Upgrades from SAP 3.x or 7.0 to SAP BW 7.3
  • ABAP with WebDynpro, FPM development
  • Tableau, Qlikview, QlikSense development & support