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Enable patient-first experience with Self-Service Kiosk

Our self-service kiosks set a tone of thoughtful, seamless patient experiences right from the easy self-check-in in the OPD.


Hospital kiosks can reduce the check-in times by up to 70% (from 5-7 minutes to less than 2 minutes)

Patient registrations

This allows to reduce patient waiting time for registration process.

UHID/ABHA Creation

Facilitate seamless ABHA/UHID creation with accurate patient demographic details verified via Govt ID card or Mobile number verification.

Appointment booking

Kiosks allow patients to schedule appointments easily and conveniently by answering questions displayed on their monitors.


After booking an appointment, our kiosks enable patients to make secure online payments using UPA


Kiosk can be used effectively to capture Realtime patient feedback.

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