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Transform Your Banking Journey with Digital Solutions

“Improve business operations and deliver seamless customer experiences by integrating data, innovative AI-driven applications, Cloud, and process automation”

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Transform Your Banking Journey with Digital Solutions

“Improve business operations and deliver seamless customer experiences by integrating data, innovative AI-driven applications, Cloud, and process automation”

Key Fintech insights

$ 28.83 Bn

SaaS-based and cloud-based solutions are driving the growth of the Core Banking Software Market by 2027
Fortune Business Insights

$ 57.14 Bn

It is expected that by 2033 the market for AI in fraud management will reach $57 billion.
Future Market Insights

$450-$500 Bn

Data & AI could add $45-$500 Bn. To India's GDP by 2025

$18.4 Bn

The market for Conversational AI is projected to grow to USD 18.4 billion by 2026
-Markets and Markets

Digitally enabled banking & financial services operations

Nimble, efficient & intelligent

digital banking solutions

Customer Onboarding

Customers increasingly expect to handle all their financial affairs online, starting with the onboarding process. Our solutions facilitate account acquisition, making it easier for customers to open new accounts and become satisfied clients.

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BI & Analytics Solution

Unlock customer intelligence with data analytics and AI, a top priority in banking. Gain a 360-degree view of customers, predict churn, detect fraud, and enhance onboarding, fostering a 'customer-first' culture.

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 BI & Analytics Solutions
Banking Bots

Customer Experience with Intelligent Bots

We offer intelligent bot solutions that transform banking by optimizing customer interactions and streamlining services with AI and machine learning. This results in faster query responses, significantly enhancing customer experience and reducing operational costs by up to 30%-35%.

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Best Digital Banking Platforms

Automated Loan Origination Solution

Streamlining loan origination typically entails labor-intensive tasks such as document verification and validation. Experience zero-touch loan processing to revolutionize this process, eliminating inefficiencies & ensuring seamless handling across various loan types and channels.

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Operational efficiency solution 

Automate and orchestrate data from applications from accounting, human resources, call center, and customer data. Access, analyze, and act in real-time, enabling proactive measures to improve efficiency, reduce error costs, and improve decision-making.

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Operational efficiency solutions
 Robotics Process Automation Solutions

Robotics & Process Automation

Automate manual loan processes, including document screening, customer data validation, KYC verification, regulatory compliance, transaction testing, fulfillment, and dispute management, to reduce manual work.

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Achala IT Solutions provides cutting-edge technology solutions tailored for banking & financial services. By focusing on quality, efficiency, security, and scalability, we are able to exceed expectations.

Our approach to developing Banking & Financial solutions

High Quality

We adhere to the standards & best practices of automotive software engineering to deliver high-quality solutions that fully align with customers’ requirements.


We align our software development processes and project management workflows with the general ISO 27001:2013 and industry-specific ISO/EC 27001 Information Security Management Standards.


We make sure our Banking &Financial solutions comply with industry-specific standards for functional safety and information security, such as ISO/EC 27001, and GDPR.


We apply relevant architecture solutions and development best practices to make our BFSI solutions scalable horizontally and vertically, increasing their business agility.

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Our featured automation solutions

Collating the Reflectors of our Industry Expertise

 Automated Loan Origination Solution

Smart bank loan disbursement system

Catering to the needs of a renowned Indian Bank, we revolutionized loan disbursement processes. By implementing OCR technology, we automated document analysis, slashing manual efforts by 40%-60%. Experience faster loan approvals, reduced processing times (3 days to 2 hours), and increased efficiency with our innovative solution.

KYC Management System

KYC Management System

Introducing our automated KYC verification system, streamlining account opening with a 60% faster customer onboarding process (verify in 5 minutes, not 30 days), and reducing loan processing time by 15%-20%. Experience a 20%-25% boost in operational efficiency.

 Smart Work-flow Tool for Loan Approval

Smart Work-flow Tool for Loan Approval

Integrated workflow system to digitize the data from loan applications and estimate credit scores by integrating with various external systems.

Smart investment Portfolio Management Platform

Smart B2B (SaaS) investment Portfolio Management Platform

A cutting-edge (B2B SaaS) platform was developed with a global investment management company and designed to revolutionize the data process for Real Estate Institutional Investors.

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 Reduction in manual workload

Reduced the manual efforts spent by loan disbursement staff at head office by 60%.

Faster identity verification

Identity verification (document verification and face recognition) in less than 5 minutes.

Reduction in cost and time

Achieve 25%-30% time savings by eliminating the inconvenience of manual data processes.

Reduction Cycle time

A 60% faster Customer onboarding process
 (Verify in 5 minutes, Not 30 days)

Enhanced efficiency

20% -25% boost in operational efficiency

Reduction in reporting time

Reduce reporting time by 25%

BFSI. Our Part In Digitization.

Digital Delivered. Enhancing customer experiences

Customers expect seamless digital banking experiences comparable to those in other leading industries. We support the digital journey of our BFSI clients through agile development and digital engineering, addressing business challenges with data analytics, intelligent automation, and Gen AI.

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AI-driven applications


Fuel your competitiveness with our passion for innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimize your business processes.


Gain real-time insights into operations and identify automation opportunities to ensure flawless workflows.


Leverage industry insights and advanced technologies (AI/ML, Cloud) to tailor solutions, streamline operations, and drive your success.


Access, analyze, and act in real-time, enabling proactive measures to improve efficiency, reduce error costs, and improve decision-making.

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