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Revolutionizing Patient Experience with AI

Explore how AI-powered innovative healthcare solutions are set to revolutionize the patient experience in healthcare, enhancing efficiency and outcomes.

AI in healthcare today


Increase in home and virtual care expected by health executives over the next decade


of CEOs and 79% of health system leaders see substantial or transformative change ahead


Healthcare workers’ tasks could be reinvented by technology augmentation (like AI) or automation.


Of patients feel communication with providers needs improvement.


Patient footfall

5%-10% increase Patient Footfalls

Patient Wait-times

20%-30% reduction Patient Wait-times

Increase Revenue

1%-5% increase Investigations revenue

Reduction Cycle time

30%-40% reduction Cycle time for IT changes

Driving Better Clinical Outcomes Through Holistic Patient Experiences


Patients are seeking a holistic, simplified customer journey in the healthcare ecosystem.

Our advanced solutions enhance patient engagement and satisfaction, ensuring a seamless healthcare journey.


Point+ Solutions to quickly address “Inefficiencies” in OPD and IPD patient experience


We provide simpler self-service solutions to make registration at the OPD for patients and their families easier.


Unlock personalized care and convenience: Seamlessly navigate the patient healthcare journey for faster, more effective, and engaged care.


Single Source of Truth for Patient Records to enable continuous care coordination.


Reduce wait times with Self-Service Vital Sign Measurement Kiosks

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Featured solutions, products, and services

Driving patient engagement and enhancing the patient experience with an innovative healthcare solutions

AIG Hospitals (Hyderabad, India)
Self-Service Kiosk for OPD

A prominent global hospital in Hyderabad seeks interactive self-service registration, lab report printing kiosks, and vital sign measurement kiosks for its hospital OPD to enhance efficiency and patient experience.

  • Self registrations

  • UHID/ ABHA creation

  • Appointment booking

  • Self-billing & Payments

  • Integrating Information with HIS/EMR

  • Patient Feedback

AI-driven Connected Healthcare Platform

Unlock a new era in healthcare with our cutting-edge AI-driven platform, ensuring a Single Source of Truth for Patient Records to enable continuous care coordination. Say goodbye to disjointed systems and welcome a seamless, patient-centric experience.
Our platform features:

  • API, Platform SDK (Data Monetization)

  • Data Standardization

  • ABDM Compliance
    (ABDM Enabled Health Solutions​)

  • ·Virtual Assistant
    (Longitudinal History, Notes)

  • Clinical Decision Support System

  • Disease Centric Applications
    (Cardiology, Cancer, Nephrology, etc.)

KIMS Hospitals (Hyderabad, India)
Healthcare BI &  Analytics Platform

Achala partnered with a leading corporate hospital in Hyderabad to develop a powerful BI & Analytics Platform. With real-time insights spanning admissions, discharge, QMS KPIs, and more, we achieved a remarkable 25% boost in operational efficiency, a 10-15% improvement in patient experience, and a 15% boost in financial performance. Featuring 150+ built-in dashboards, our platform drives efficiency and revenue management. 

Key Business areas:

  • Patient Admissions

  • Discharge Management

  • QMS KPIs

  • Unit Efficiency

  • Waiting TATs

  • Insurance

  • Billing

  • Customer Feedback

  • Bed management

Innovative  Elderly care device

Revolutionize Elderly Care by enabling smart healthcare devices and providing assistive healthcare solutions for the elderly. It will prompt you to check your health vitals regularly, seamlessly connect with a doctor, and get prescribed medicines delivered to your home. Our product features:

  • AI-based Telemedicine Platform 

  • Regular Vital Checks & History (Touch-based Blood Pressure, SpO2, Heart Rate and Blood Glucose Monitor)

  • Medicine & Activity Reminders

  • Order Medicines / Lab Tests

  • Health Tips

  • Biopsychosocial Assessment

  • Smart Engagement Engine

  • Interest-based engagement groups

Tele Medicine Platform

Empower healthcare with our AI-driven telemedicine platform — an all-in-one solution for remote patient evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. Monitor patient health, track vitals, and coordinate care seamlessly among specialists for comprehensive remote patient care. Our platform core features:

  • Patient Registration and Onboarding

  • Self and family health profile creation

  • Schedule appointments

  • Online  Payments

  • e-prescriptions

  • Consultation summary

AIG Hospitals (Hyderabad, India)
Advanced Bed Management System

A leading global hospital in Hyderabad is seeking a bed management system for efficient bed allocation and patient flow. Our advanced solution optimizes patient experiences and enables real-time insights for capacity planning, occupancy rates& informed decisions.

Our platform features:

  • Bed requests and reservation

  • Bed Assignments

  • Transfers and discharges

  • Monitor projected occupancy rates

  • Provides real-time bed status visibility
    (Ready, Occupied, Preparing, Discharged)

  • Analytics & Dashboards

Arete Hospitals (Hyderabad, India)
Patient Priority Portal

Achala partnered with a leading Hyderabad-based corporate hospital to create the Patient Priority Portal, prioritizing patient experiences and healthcare efficiency. This portal offers customized solutions& improved accessibility, emphasizing a patient-centric approach, faster service access, and patient discounts, ensuring a patient-centric approach and affordability.

Our portal core features:

  • Personalized Care Plans

  • Personalized panel of Doctors

  • Ensuring continuity & personalized attention

  • Personalized Health Summaries

  • Faster Access to hospital Services

  • Patient elevated experiences

  • Patient discounts

AIG Hospitals (Hyderabad, India)
IoT-enabled patient, asset, and staff tracking system

Maximize patient flow, service quality, and staff efficiency with our IoT-driven tracking system. Seamlessly integrated into patient flow management, it provides vital data for informed decision-making. Real-time adjustments in scheduling & staff deployment are enabled by tracking patients' movements, aiding in workflow efficiency and bottleneck identification. 

Core features:

  • Locate medical equipment & Tracking

  • Real-time visibility into department stays & treatment progress.

  • Step-by-step navigation in real-time for patients

  • Real-time notifications of patient status

  • Standard reports & Analytics

AIG Hospitals (Hyderabad, India)
Lab Reports Dispatch Kiosk

A leading global hospital in Hyderabad is seeking interactive self-service lab report printing kiosks for its Hospital OPD to enhance efficiency and minimize wait times for report collection and patient flow.

  • Self registrations

  • Hospital guide & Scope of services

  • Print a list of diagnostics reports

  • Reports Dispatch

AIG Hospitals (Hyderabad, India)
OPD Pre-assessment Kiosks (With Vitals)

A renowned global hospital in Hyderabad is looking for an OPD pre-assessment kiosk to measure vitals. This kiosk aims to improve patient flow and reduce administrative workload for nurses during the consultation process

  • Pre-assessment questionnaire

  • QR based access

  • Audio instructions

  • Vital measurements (BP, HR, Spo2, RR, Temperature, height, weight)

  • Integrating Information with HIS/EMR

  • Instant access to results

AIG Hospitals (Hyderabad, India)
Advanced token Management System

Transforming patient experiences, a leading Hyderabad hospital partnered with us to revolutionize queue management. Our AI-powered token system slashed laboratory queues by 20-30%, ensuring swift, stress-free visits. Experience the future of healthcare efficiency with our innovative solution. & its core  features:

  • Intelligent Appointment Routing

  • QR-enabled Journey ID