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Reduce wait times with Self-Service Vital Sign Measurement Kiosks

Innovative vital measurement kiosks empower patients with self-check-in, measuring vitals & accessing records. These smart kiosks enhance efficiency, improve the patient experience, and reduce administrative burdens on nursing staff.

10% -15%

Reduced nursing staff administrative workload by 10-15%

Pre-assessment questionnaires

Unlock data silos with an AI platform that unifies data into a single, longitudinal patient record.

Vital measurement

Unlocking Diagnostic Excellence: AI Systems Analyze Complex Data (X-Ray, MRIs or genetic information), Swiftly and Accurately Detecting Diseases Like Cancer.

EHR & EMR Integrations

AI enables the customization of patient care by analyzing individual health records, genetics, and Lifestyle for Optimal Treatment Plans for indiviual patients.

Digitzation of patient records

This solution streamlines staff workloads and provides easy access to patient measurement data, facilitating longitudinal monitoring of patient conditions.

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