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Transforming Emergency Management with
AI-Enabled EMS Platform

Welcome to our cutting-edge AI-driven Enterprise Emergency Management Platform, designed to revolutionize emergency services.

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The current state of emergency management services

1.35 Mn

Fatal road traffic accidents claim countless lives every year.

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1.38 Bn

A population of 1.38 billion faces high trauma mortality, increasing emergencies, and frequent natural disasters

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1.6 lakh

In 2023, an estimated 1.6 lakh Indians were killed in road accidents
-Ministry of Road Transport & Highways

$626.3 Bn

Market value of ambulance services in India by 2030: $626.3 Bn
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Streamline and accelerate emergency response for time-sensitive situations

An effective emergency response requires agility and real-time operational insights. Our AI-enabled EMS platform ensures agile, real-time emergency response, handling diverse emergency cases and predicting ambulance locations based on time. It anticipates breakdowns, allocates ambulances by caller location, and selects hospitals according to patient condition, ensuring efficient transport and meeting reliability objectives meticulously.

It's time to manage everything in one platform

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Our advanced CAD system ensures efficient ambulance assignment and optimal hospital selection for patient care. By utilizing AVLT integration and GPS feeds, dispatchers monitor every vehicle 24/7, ensuring a timely and appropriate response to each emergency call.

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Hospital Information & Intimation System (HIIS)

The HIS module streamlines hospital operations by managing patient information, treatment histories, and resource allocation. It ensures seamless communication between dispatchers and hospital staff, facilitating efficient patient care & quick decision-making.

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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Our SCM module optimizes the management of medical supplies and equipment. It ensures timely inventory replenishments and minimizes shortages, maintaining the availability of essential resources for emergency medical service.

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Management Information System (MIS)

The MIS module provides comprehensive data analytics and reporting tools. It helps in monitoring performance, identifying trends, and making informed decisions to improve overall emergency management operations..

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Fleet Management System (FMS)

The FMS module enhances vehicle management through predictive maintenance, ensuring fleet readiness and reducing downtime. It includes workshop management and automatic ordering of medical supplies, ensuring that ambulances are always equipped and operational.

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Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Our HRMS module manages the workforce efficiently by handling tasks such as attendance, leave management, and staff allocation. It ensures that the right personnel are available when needed, contributing to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of emergency response operations.

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Explore our platform modules & Mobile Apps for efficient ambulance operations.

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“Leveraging Technology and Fulfilling the Mission of Saving Lives”



Our geolocation technology, automatically dispatches the nearest ambulance emergencies, reducing response times by 40%-50%.

AI/ML Algorithms

Our AI/ML algorithms predict accident hotspots and maintenance schedules, strategically positioning ambulances, increasing availability by 10-20%, and reducing response times.

Strategic Ambulance Positioning

Based on historical data and real-time traffic, our AI algorithm optimizes ambulance positioning in hotspots, improving response times by 35-40%.

Operational Excellence Desks (OEDs)

OEDs monitor ambulance performance in real time, generating alerts for deviations in start times, arrival times, and hospital reach times.

We are proudly serving

Our EMS platform is an all-in-one solution designed for emergency medical services. It is advanced, interoperable, and seamlessly integrated across various systems

Platform deployed

Today our platform is live in 9 states in India

Emergencies are handled

Serving 50,000 emergency cases per day with a support staff of 45000

Handling fleet strength

Supports a fleet of more than 14,445 ambulances.

Cost Savings

A 20% cost savings for EMRI operations amounting to 4 crore INR per month.

My Plan App

MyPlan App for Supervisors to manage their tasks efficiently

The MyPlan App is designed for supervisors to efficiently manage their responsibilities. It provides tools for task planning, attendance tracking, leave management, and overseeing ambulance staff, thereby enhancing administrative efficiency and ensuring smooth operations.

  • Geotagged In & Out Attendance

  • Tour Plan Creation

  • Route Map Navigation

  • Geolocation tracking

  • Schedule Plan Alerts

  • Plan Execution

Your journey to operational excellence starts here

All the features you need with a superior interface to help you get the job done with efficiency and accuracy

Inspection & Quality App

Streamlines ambulance inspections and staff evaluations