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AI in healthcare today


Increase in home and virtual care expected by health executives over the next decade


of CEOs and 79% of health system leaders see substantial or transformative change ahead


Healthcare workers’ tasks could be reinvented by technology augmentation (like AI) or automation.


Of patients feel communication with providers needs improvement.

Our central focus


Consolidating diverse patient data for a comprehensive view, optimizing services and operational processes for streamlined efficiency.


Empowering adaptable clinical workflows, automating administrative tasks, and facilitating increased focus on personalized patient care through AI-driven solutions.


IoT-powered patient/asset/staff tracking solutions that facilitate data exchange and full transparency across all IoT devices in healthcare facilities.

How AI is transforming healthcare efficient & personalized


Elevate patient care by fortifying your digital infrastructure within the realm of digital health.

The Future of Healthcare is Digital 


Effortless Healthcare Coordination: Automate Tasks with AI-Powered Workflow Management

Advanced Digital Healthcare Solutions

AI Unlocks the Full Potential of Electronic Health Records



Improve the health experiences that improve health outcomes and achieve loyalty over leaving.


Telemedicine and remote patient monitoring hold incredible potential for patients and providers.


Improve the health experiences that improve health outcomes and achieve loyalty over leaving.

Featured solutions, products, and services
Driving patient engagement and enhancing the patient experience with AI-powered healthcare solutions

Healthcare Kiosks

Self-service kiosks

Self-service kiosks improve patient experience in the OPD

Advanced token Management System

AI-powered token management system

Experience a hassle-free OPD queue with an AI-powered QR token system.

Healthcare Self-Service Solutions

OPD Pre-assessment Kiosk (With vital measurements)

Nurse Pre-consultation workload is reduced by smart OPD pre-assessment kiosk

IoT driven Patient Tracking System

IoT-enabled patient, asset, and staff tracking system

Cut down on search time for patients, assets, and staff with an IoT-powered tracking system.

bed management system

Advanced Bed Management System

Optimize bed allocation seamlessly with Bed 360, our advanced bed management system.

Digital health solutions

Intuitive Self-Service Patient Priority Portal

Empower patients with self-service portals for seamless access to their health journey, anytime, anywhere.

Smart ward & Nurse station

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Digital health solutions

AI and ML Expertise in Healthcare

Our expertise is tailored to harness the power of cutting-edge technologies, offering you robust support in several critical areas:

Innovative Digital Health Solutions

Generative AI

Our generative AI creates personalized treatment plans and synthetic data for medical research, simulating patient responses to treatments and advancing care strategies and research.

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Innovative Digital Health Solutions

Computer Vision

Utilizing our computer vision expertise, we equip radiologists and clinicians with precise diagnostic tools. Our AI models detect anomalies in medical images, such as MRIs, X-rays, and CT scans, aiding in early disease detection and monitoring with highly accurate second opinions.

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Digital healthcare

Predictive Analytics

Leveraging predictive analytics, we forecast patient admissions and health outbreaks to allocate resources efficiently, enabling proactive preparation, optimized staff scheduling, and enhanced patient flow management for healthcare providers

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Digital Healthcare Solutions

User Behavior Analytics

Analyzing patient behavior is crucial for engagement and better health outcomes. Our user behavior analytics tools assess interactions with healthcare systems, yielding insights for enhanced patient portals, effective health apps, and personalized care.

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Software Products & Digital Engineering

Trendsetting Ideas. Transforming to innovative solutions.

Our software products and digital engineering expertise help businesses transform operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation. With unique engagement models and comprehensive product engineering, we turn your ideas into scalable, cutting-edge solutions

IT Solutions for Healthcare Sector
IT Solutions for Healthcare Sector
software product engineering services
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