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Transforming industries through AI acceleration

We partner with you to unleash new possibilities by putting the right people, processes, and cutting-edge technology in place to scale AI initiatives. Explore our journey through various sectors

Innovating Beyond Boundaries: Revolutionizing Industries, Empowering Futures


Automotive innovation Journey

“Driving innovation forward” In the automotive industry, we lead the charge in overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities. Building upon our legacy of supporting German automotive in Industry 3.0, we now optimize AI, IIoT, Telematics,QA, and cloud technologies within our mobility solutions. Join us in shaping the future of transportation

Healthcare innovation Journey

“Empowering Care Excellence” At Achala IT, we empower healthcare providers to elevate value and redefine care delivery. Our healthcare AI solutions enhance operational efficiencies, improve patient experiences, and facilitate seamless digitalization. Join us in revolutionizing the healthcare landscape and delivering superior care outcomes.

Banking & Financial Innovation Journey

“Redefined Banking Experience” Aeldra and Achala unite to redefine banking through a unified digital platform and mobile app. Experience the future with remote FDIC-insured U.S. account opening and instant global debit cards. Our automated customer onboarding process slashes manual efforts, ensuring a seamless banking journey for all.

Fleet & Emergency Medical Services Journey

“Driving Emergency Response Excellence” Our cutting-edge EMS Computer-Assisted Dispatch (CAD) system optimizes resources and ensures timely assistance. Trusted by India's largest emergency services providers, we're committed to safeguarding communities with precision and efficiency.

Our Capabilities

We rely on extensive IT domain expertise and industry knowledge to bring sustainable technology solutions and help our clients innovate and find new opportunities.

Software products & Digital engineering

Build Cutting Edge Software Products for the Digital Era

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Generative AI, ML, Data & Analytics engineering

Apply AI, ML, and Analytics for the Cognitive Era

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Quality Engineering

Promise Software Quality for the Modern Era.

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Connected Devices & IoT Engineering

Engineer Connected Devices for the IoT Era

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Design Engineering

Design, develop, integrate, deploy & manage end to end IoT processes.

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Mobile Application Development & Engineering

Creating Custom-Centric Mobile Apps for the Mobile-First Era.

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Empowering Global Fortune 500 Companies, SMEs, Enterprises, and OEMs with Digital Next Initiatives

Telematics Integration (BMW)

Our AI driven solution addressed the challenge of tracking kilometers for tax purposes. By automating the resolution of customer tickets related to missing kilometers, we optimized workforce efficiency by up to 40%, showcasing the transformative impact of AI on service operations.

AI-powered Smart Enterprise Emergency Platform

Our AI algorithms strategically positioned ambulances in hotspots, optimizing response times. By analyzing historical data & real-time traffic conditions, the algorithm achieved a remarkable 35-40% improvement in reach time SLA & distance travelled.

KYC Management System

Introducing our AI-powered KYC verification system, streamlining account opening with a 60% faster customer onboarding process (verify in 5 minutes, not 30 days) and reducing loan processing time by 15%-20%. Experience a 20%-25% boost in operational efficiency.

Automated Machine Analysis and Integration Tool

In collaboration with a German partner, we developed AMAI (Automated Machine Analysis and Integration) an AI-powered tool that analyzes and groups millions of service support tickets, predicting potential failures and enabling preventive measures. This led to a 40%-50% improvement in customer communications.

AI-driven employee onboarding & KYC Platform

“Redefined Banking Experience” Aeldra and Achala unite to redefine banking through a unified digital platform and mobile app. Experience the future with remote FDIC-insured U.S. account opening and instant global debit cards. Our automated customer onboarding process slashes manual efforts, ensuring a seamless banking journey for all.

AI – led token Management System

Transforming patient experiences, a leading Hyderabad hospital partnered with us to revolutionize queue management. Our AI-powered token system slashed laboratory queues by 20-30%, ensuring swift, stress-free visits. Experience the future of healthcare efficiency with our innovative solution.

Electrify America: U.S. EV public charging network 

Partnering with Electrify America, we've implemented a groundbreaking EV charging solution. With 850+ stations and a custom app, seamlessly integrating home-charging, data, we're revolutionizing the industry. Backed by a German renewables giant, our collaboration harnesses AWS and cutting-edge tech, driving cost reductions and operational efficiency.

Smart bank loan disbursement system

Catering to the needs of a renowned Indian Bank, we revolutionized loan disbursement processes. By implementing OCR technology, we automated document analysis, slashing manual efforts by 40%-60%. Experience faster loan approvals, reduced processing times (3 days to 2 hours), and increased efficiency with our innovative solution.

Patient Priority Portal

Achala has collaborated with a renowned global hospital in Hyderabad to develop the Patient Priority Portal, designed to enhance patient experiences and streamline healthcare services. The portal aims to elevate patient experiences through customized healthcare solutions & improved accessibility, emphasizing a patient-centric approach. And faster access to Hospital Services, minimizing waiting times; & Patient Discounts, promoting affordability.

BI & Analytics Platform

Achala partnered with a leading corporate hospital in Hyderabad to develop a powerful BI & Analytics Platform. With real-time insights spanning admissions, discharge, QMS KPIs, and more, we achieved a remarkable 25% boost in operational efficiency, a 10-15% improvement in patient experience, and a 15% boost in financial performance. Featuring 150+ built-in dashboards, our platform drives efficiency and revenue management.

For over 16 years, we’ve worked with the world’s best companies to solve their biggest business challenges. Improve lives. And prepare for whatever lies ahead. With an agile, hands-on approach, we work with you to decipher core problems, then design, build, and execute experiences that solve them with ease and empathy.

Through our robust innovation ecosystem, you’ll also have access to the best experts and enterprises around so that you can get better results, faster.

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Years of Experience

“We have been working with Achala IT Solutions for years now. They cover our application operations for a huge client in Germany. Mainly SAP BW as well as Java-based applications and platforms are operated by them. They are very reliable and easy to work with. After a short period, they can ramp up new topics without having difficulties. I would highly recommend Achala IT Solutions as a solid IT application operations provider”

Jens Elligsen

Head of Application Management

“We are more than happy to have Achala as a very strong partner at our side. During our 10-year journey with Achala through all kinds of IT projects we were constantly impressed by their commitment and knowledge. Especially their meager attrition rate is a true asset which makes a big difference in comparison to competitors. Achala is a true gem for both support and development projects. We are looking forward to our next 10 years with Achala”

Martin Weib

Head of staff, Sulzer GmbH

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Our clients found their solutions with us

News and Updates

Achala IT Solutions, a Hyderabad-based company, has developed the notion of 'companion robots' for older persons, which will converse with them and send information to carers in the event of an emergency.

Hyderabad-based firm develops companion robots to keep elderly engaged: Telangana Today

City-based Achala IT Solutions has developed a concept to provide senior citizens with ‘companion robots’ that will engage them in conversation, keep them active, and relay information to caregivers in emergencies.

Awarded as Innovators #AI Game Changers 2021 by NASSCOM

Congratulations on the recognition of Challengers, Special Mentions, and Innovators in the #AIGamechangers Awards program for 2021. These use cases were recognized for their motivational AI stories.

Selected for first cohort of Telangana AI mission revv-up accelerator #T-AIM

The cohort of 42 startups represents 11 sectors and 10 Indian states.

Minister Bogdanov: Bulgaria can become a regional center for development activities in the automotive sector Announced

Bulgaria has the potential to become a regional hub for automotive development activities! Minister Bogdan Bogdanov recently met with Sulzer GmbH's executive director, Dr. Michael Kraus, and Rajesh Raju managing director from Achala IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, to discuss their investment in a cutting-edge software development center in Sofia.

Achala Sulzer Ltd will make the software for famous car brands in Sofia. Read More

The German company SULZER initially invested 1.5 million euros in a software development center in Sofia, which will gradually create nearly 100 new jobs for highly qualified IT specialists in our country. This became clear a few days ago during a meeting of the Minister of Economy and Industry Bogdan Bogdanov with the executive director of the automotive software company Dr. Michael Kraus. Among the company's customers are car manufacturers BMW, AUDI, DAIMLER, MAN, Porsche, Rolls Royce, SEAT, VW, Skoda, etc.


Why Achala IT?

Our extensive expertise in AI and LLMs stems from years of research and practical application. We merge these technologies to tailor solutions to your specific needs, leveraging advanced platforms like Azure, GCP, Microsoft Copilot, ChatGPT, and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to optimize quality assurance, customer experience, operational efficiency, patient care management, and more.

Our aim is to equip you with the right technology and closely accompany and support you throughout the transformation process.

With a wide range of AI tools, including various LLM options beyond ChatGPT, we prioritize finding the best-fit solution that best suits your company.


15+ years of IT experience, we have been providing customized IT Solutions for various industries since 2009.

Industry focus

Our services are precious in the mobility, fleet and healthcare, manufacturing, banking &  financial services sectors.

Cutting-edge technology focus

Combination of AI, Automation, and LLM’s for customized, data-centric solutions.

Early innovators

Using our expertise in data engineering, AI and ML, we help you gain relevant insights in real-time.


Need help building your product? Let's talk.

Achala IT Solutions is an AI-first, platform-driven company, offering full-cycle software product engineering services. It is headquartered in Hyderabad, India. 



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Healthcare innovation Journey

Hyderabad Firm Develops Companion Robots For Senior Citizens: Sakshi News

Creating Custom-Centric Mobile Apps for the Mobile-First Era.

Creating Custom-Centric Mobile Apps for the Mobile-First Era.

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